Exposure, Shutter Speed And Aperture

This is a guide to help you master the use of your camera. You will learn about shutter speed and aperture. This will allow someone to improve the quality of the

How To Capture Fireworks With Your Digital Camera

Supplies needed: Digital camera Tripod Medium telephoto lens Everyone loves to get that perfect shot of a fireworks display. However, it is not how good of a photographer that you are

How To Use Your TV As A Monitor For Your PC

From Laptop Screen to Big Screen TV Laptops used to be a way for business professionals to get work done when not at their office or on their desktops. Now our

How To Hook Up Surround Sound To A TV

Surround sound systems can really bring the theater experience into your home when hooked up right. A simple thing like placement of the speakers to the system can make a huge

Piano Technology

A home keyboard is normally considered a lighter, portable version of an industrial keyboard, one that is easily moved between locations. Home keyboards are usually used as a starter or entry

How To Use Video Games To Improve Your Brain

There have been many studies that state video games can be bad for your health. But, more recently there have been an increasing number of studies that show video games can

How To Send Video Or Music From Your Computer To Your Stereo And TV

Simple Options To Transfer Video or Music From Your Computer To Stereo/TV If you have paid for music and it is in your computer but you want to hear it on

How To Write A Book

Pick a genre The first step in writing a book, especially a novel is to decide on the genre in which the book will be written in. The easiest way to

How To Reboot A Laptop

The laptop has become of the most mobile devices in the last several decades. There are even laptops on the market that can be turned into tablets. This has made the

How To Silence An Alarm

If it hasn’t happened to you personally, you’ve at least heard it. A car alarm has gone off, to the “delight” of all around it. One of the great ironies of

How To Make A Xbox360 P2 Cradle

Have you ever wanted to make your own cradle for the P2 device? Follow these simple steps to make your own XBOX360 P2 Cradle! Remember to consult a professional before taking

How To Play Battlefield Bad Company 2 Online

There is no question that Battlefield Bad Company 2 has been a huge success, as tons of people play the game every single day, and the reviews have been absolutely stellar

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